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12. June 2015 Comments Off on Wooden Skyscraper to be built in Vienna Views: 1639 All Snapshots, CrowdVienna

Wooden Skyscraper to be built in Vienna

Austrian Architects Rudiger Lainer and partner plan to construct a 84-metre-high wooden skyscraper commencing 2016.

The HoHo project in the Seestadt Aspern area (Vienna), one of Europe’s largest urban development sites, will house a hotel, apartments, restaurant, wellness centre and offices, and is expected to cost about €60 Mio.

Uniqueness: With 76% of the building expected to be made from wood, architects say it will save 2,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions when compared with a similar concrete structure, the equivalent of driving a car 25 miles every day for 1,300 years.



Foto: Rüdiger Lainer and Partner
Author: Simone Honetz
Date: 15. June 2015


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