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15. October 2013 Comments Off on With Robots to Enlightenment – Dave Smith at TEDx Views: 1478 All Snapshots, You own the city

With Robots to Enlightenment – Dave Smith at TEDx

Have you ever wanted to build a five-storey robot?

If you feel that the public space needs less bureaucracy and more creativiy, you will love this video and its message. Building the city of the future is an enormous engagement. And the cities that will emerge as the landmarks for urban development in the next 20 years are the cities that will be dynamic, flexible and open to innovation and creativity.

This is a TEDx talk in front of the Dublin city councils about the power of the collective voice and experimental designs. Dave Smith from Mabos presents their project. of re-imagining the city as a space for experimental entertainment, creative education and community integration that defies categorization.

Every city has aspirations and plans for development. The question is wether the deciders of these plans will be open enough to allow citizens to take ownership of their city. Cities are at a pivotal moment at imagining their reality and where they are going. Because both individually and collectively we have a very strong voice in imagining our city as we want to see it.

We all have a five-storey robot that we want build. This is a presentation about where we are as a city and where we want to go. Check it out!


Artwork byEric Joyner
Author: Lukas Tillmann
Date: 15 October 2013



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