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20. March 2015 Comments Off on Will Detroit become a Green City? Views: 1077 All Snapshots, Green City

Will Detroit become a Green City?

Detroit at the end of it’s tether?

Detroit – the former „Motor City“, the centre for car industry, especially General Motors –  definitely went through some bad times in the last years, culminating in a financial desaster 2013. Today nearly 80.000 houses in the city are empty and in ruins. The number of inhabitants went down to 680.000, which is really alarming if you consider the number of two million inhabitants in 1950.

Urban Gardening

It seems that there is no hope for this city. But is it true? In fact there is defiance in the air and a sense that Detroit can turn the corner. Some folks are pulling together and attempting to set up Urban Gardens thereby feeding themselves, educating their children, and fostering some pride where none seems to exist. Moreover it helps to solve one of the hugest problems of Detroit: the daily food supply. The health system of Detroit has to deal with many people suffering from diabetes for example, because they live more than a mile away from supermarkets, which offer fresh and healthy food.  Gardening alone might not fix the city, but it’s one part of a larger network of people working toward a common goal. Change won’t happen overnight, but there’s still momentum.

Detroit – the new Berlin?

Besides Detroit is getting down to a art market centre such as New York and Los Angeles. Artists living here have a positive mentality about Detroit. They believe in the city and are convinced that a rich cultural undercurrent has grown only stronger in recent years, with a rise in contemporary art. They make a profit of the cheap industrial and residential spaces and a plentiful supply of raw materials. Creativity may be the key to the city’s revival Detroit, which was rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1805, is once again like a forest after a fire, in such ruin that anything is possible.

Keep gardening Detroit! Show the world what you’re made of!

Author: Eva-Maria Forstner
Date: 20 March 2015


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