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22. January 2015 Comments Off on 6 Apps to involve Citizens in Urban Issues Views: 1152 All Snapshots, You own the city

6 Apps to involve Citizens in Urban Issues

City governments are increasingly relying on digital technology to involve citizens in urban issues.

SeeClickFix is one of several mobile phone and web tools that allows citizens to report non-emergency neighborhood issues, which are communicated to local government, as a form of community activism.

In this interview Ben Berkowitz, the co-founder and chief executive of SeeClickFix explains why he, along with colleagues, invented SeeClickFix:

The tree basic principles of SeeClickFix are: Empowerment (anyone can report), efficiency (the government can’t be in all places at all times, participation is requested) and engagement (inhabitants get more engaged in their local communities).

Here are some more links, if you are interested in other applications like SeeClickFix:

In Germany:

In the US:

In the UK:


Author: Norina Kunzl
Date: 22 January 2015



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