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4. July 2012 Comments Off on Can Near Field Communication make our cities smarter? Views: 2063 All Snapshots, Digital City

Can Near Field Communication make our cities smarter?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of the technologies that will enable us to get our cities smarter. So let’s have a look on that promising method for communication.

Here is a video that gives you an idea about how NFC works:


The features  look promising and several cities are investing in this technology.

Nice  in France has been among the first European cities to use NFC technology. The Spanish City Santander will implement a network of near-field communication sensors that will allow users to know the location of street parking spaces or when the next bus is coming, along with the ability to pay at a single tap.

Author: Fridolin Pöschl
Date: 4 July 2012



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