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19. August 2013 Comments Off on “Cross-generation” Flats in Vienna Views: 1124 All Snapshots, CrowdVienna

“Cross-generation” Flats in Vienna

Housing shortage in Vienna

Every autumn in Vienna many students are searching for a new place to live. At the same time for seniors the living space is becoming increasingly scarce. The nursing homes are overcrowded, moreover many of them don’t want to live in a “conurbation” for over-seventy-year-olds. They want to keep contact with younger generations, staying active and agile – in short, they don’t want to be shunted aside.

The “ÖJAB-Generationen-WG”-project

To solve these “infrastructural” and social problems an innovative residential project has been launched in Vienna:
The ÖJAB Generationen- WG has been declared open in 2009 and is one of the first “cross-generation”- flats in Vienna.  The concept is as follows: 545 m² of common habitat are offered for a total of 19 students and seniors, but it assumes the will to live in a social community.

Age differences, different life experiences and attitudes should not be a hindrance but an asset. A benefit for seniors is offered assistance in daily activities by students and the barrier free access. Students benefit from the possibilty to work in the emergency service of the flat, which enables them to pay off the already low rent of 250 €.

Furthermore, the colorful jumble of furniture from different decades, cooking together and sharing thoughts can be quite inspiring and expanding horizons.

Author: Eva-Maria Forstner
Date: 19 Aug 2013



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