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Vienna: 4 smart Ways to use Tablets in the City

It’s a fact that tablets are on the fast lane: Whenever you drive with the metro in Vienna or sit in a course at university – more and more people around you are holding a tablet computer in their hands, working enthusiastically with it.

A statistic by the NPD Displaysearch forecasts that about 250 million tablets will be sold worldwide in 2013.

There are several options how tablets can be efficiently applied in different economic sectors, e.g. in the hotel and restaurant industry. That’s why the trendiest ways of tablet usage in Vienna at the moment are going to be presented here:

1)   Tablets used as E-menus: The first tablet restaurant in Vienna is Viereck, where guests can order dishes and beverages digitally via tablet PCs on the table instead of using old-fashioned menus. The submitted order is sent to the kitchen automatically. Advantages that follow are the reduction of waiting time for the guests, additional information about the different dishes and background knowledge about the origin of the ingredients.  In the elegant Scotch Club in the 1st district of Vienna, you can also order your drinks and cocktails via tablet PCs.

2)   Tablets used as multimedia guides: Visitors of the Viennese museum Albertina get now the chance to explore exhibitions with a tablet, used as a multimedia guide. Additional information, games and images change the visit into a creative experience. Besides, visitors can leave comments or share images they have taken with the tablet online to their social communities.

3)   Tablets used as a video call devices for seniors: The University of Technology Vienna has developed a communication and information device that should support older people to enter the Internet. It’s primarily targeted to make video calls able for seniors in an easy and user-friendly way. They just have to tap on the picture of the chosen contact they want to reach and the phone call immediately starts.

4)   Tablets used as Vienna sightseeing guides: With the “Smartguide”, tourists can navigate through the city by having the most important sights explained. The provided content consists of text, images, music and videos. Smartguides can be rented for example in hotels. The guidance is available in ten different languages and costs 20 EUR per day.

The possibilities of tablet usage are unlimited and can be applied by companies and organizations to become more efficient and create unforgettable customer experiences. It will be interesting to see how tablets are used in the future. Vienna can be proud to be one of the smartest cities worldwide and play a leading role in using tablets differently.


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