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19. June 2015 Comments Off on Exploring New York City through Social Media Snapshots Views: 1663 All Snapshots, Digital City

Exploring New York City through Social Media Snapshots

On Broadway, created by Moritz Stefaner and Lev Manovich offers a new way to explore and envision New York City through the gathered, organized, and near-countless recorded moments of its residents and visitors. The interactive installation represents life in the 21st century city through a compilation of images and data collected along the 13 miles of Broadway that span Manhattan.

Uniqueness:  An unprecedented visualization of social media data, which pulls in millions of updates from Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Street View, and more as a way of exploring the data that stacks up, almost like vertebrae, to translate the spine of Manhattan into a digital entity.



Author: Fridolin Pöschl
Date: 19 June 2015


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