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3 Websites of Smart City technology providers

A study by ABI Research estimates that $39.5 billion will be spent globally on Smart City technologies in 2016, up from only $8 billion in 2010. That’s $116 billion over six years. So as you can imagine, the biggest players in the field of information, infrastructure, communication and technology have made huge efforts to demonstrate their competencies in this market.

We looked at their websites wondering if there is some exciting content never seen before?

So here we are:

On the Siemens website there is a huge section dedicated to the topic Sustainable City. In an interactive animation at the top of the site you can browse through all Siemens studies and references with a Smart City context. Siemens also launched a Green City Index with useful information on cities’ environmental sustainability around the world.

If you are a gamer you will like the IBM City One Game. Thereou can solve real-world business, environmental and logistical problems to make a city of your choice smarter. IBM provides also a lot of information about their smart city solutions in an interactive animation at Welcome to TheSmarterCity and they have also launched the smart planet blog.

Cisco creates nice visualizations and interactive infographics, showcasing the smart, connected City of the Future and “The Internet of Things” (see below).

internet_of_things_infographic_cisco klein_0


Author: Fridolin Pöschl
Date: 23 May 2012



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