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Amsterdam: an Innovative Project for Better Living

Amsterdam Smart City is a unique cooperation between businesses, the government of this city and the inhabitants of Amsterdam. The project focuses on innovative technologies.

Amsterdam Smart City is an initiative of the Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM) and Liander, in close collaboration with the city of Amsterdam and a growing number of partners. Since the foundation in 2009, more than fifteen projects have been started in the field of sustainable working, living, mobility and the public space. The experiences gained within the projects are shared with other cities.

One of the many projects is called “climate street”. The “Utrechtsestraat”(that’s the Dutch name of the aforesaid street), which is located in the town center of Amsterdam, is transformed into a sustainable shopping street, where innovative technologies are tested.  The main goal is the reduction of CO2 and environmental savings in the street. The project focuses on three main areas: entrepreneurs, the public space and the logistics.

Another great project organized by Amsterdam Smart City is “WeGo car sharing”. WeGo is planned as a platform that allows neighbors to safely rent their cars to each other. The platform provides the technology to make sure every transaction is safe, convenient and easy. The aim of the program is to reduce pollution and mobilize communities.

For more innovative projects visit the official website:


Author: Monika Kolb
Date: 28 May 2012



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