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31. August 2015 Comments Off on Add a little Nature to your City Walks Views: 2617 All Snapshots, Green City

Add a little Nature to your City Walks

The Walkonomics app helps you find the path for getting from point A to B in a city that puts you closest to nature, or more specifically, has the most trees. The app currently covers seven cities, including London (central), Paris, New York (all boroughs), San Francisco, Toronto, Buenos Aires, and Glasgow.

Uniqueness: Finding routes taking into account things like safety, ease of crossing, hilliness or number of trees. The app uses open-source data like city tree maps and aerial photos of urban canopies to find the tree-lined routes. When using the app, you can put in your destination then use a slider to choose between “beautiful” and “fast”.

Date: 31 August 2015
Author: Fridolin Pöschl


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