Rethinking Smart City from the Ground up CrowdCity

Rethinking Smart Cities from the Ground

The growing potential of collaborative technologies

The Untold Stories of High-Rise Buildings CrowdCity

The Untold Stories of High-Rise Buildings

A seven-year interactive web-based documentary

Exploring New York Through Social Media Snapshots CrowdCity

Exploring New York City through Social Media Snapshots

What does big data tell us about the character of an iconic street?


Brilliantly Curated Soundtrack to the City

Influential DJs from Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London


Wooden Skyscraper to be built in Vienna

Forget steel and concrete

Vienna Biennale 2015 CrowdCity

First Vienna Biennale 2015

June - October 2015

Stunning Timelapse of Shanghai CrowdCity

Stunning Time-Lapse of Shanghai

City exploration combined with pioneering filmmaking


Make your unique City Map

Customize city maps without any coding

Birches Growing In Decayed Books, from Detroit Disassembled

Images of Urban Abandonment


Smart City Vienna CrowdCity

Vienna’s Smart City Strength

Smart City related cooperation

Is-Making-a Movement-crowdcity

Is “Making” a Movement?

Thoughts by Joseph Schodl

3 Community Gardening Projects in Vienna CrowdCity

Vienna: 3 Community Gardening Projects

How to reshape the city with ecological creativity

Customize your city CrowdCity

Customize Your City

Thoughts by Klaus Pilsl

Instead of further developing cars, we should think about how we can differently shape mobility in the future.

• H.P. Dürr •

Walkability Planning in Vienna

Walkability Planning in Vienna

3 events to get involved!

Traffic and the City CrowdCity

8 Strategies against growing Traffic

Do environmentally friendly solutions exist at all?

Will bankrupt Detroit become a Smarter City CrowdCity

Will Detroit become a Green City?

From ghost town to grow town

Data and Reports on Urbanisation Crowdcity

Facts and Figures on Urbanization

Get estimates and projections of worldwide urban and rural populations