Ville Propre Project

is a collaborative mobile application dedicated to the problems of waste in cities

CrowdCity world-map-shows-air pollution-in-real-time

First Worldwide Air Map

This world map shows pollution levels in cities, in real time


Urban Vodka

A vodka brand that changes taste across different cities

Crowdcity Sustania Cities100 report

Cities100 Report

Be inspired: 100 successful city sollutions taking action on climate change

Add a little Nature to your City Walks - CrowdCity

Add a little Nature to your City Walks

New app guides you to the most nature-filled path in cities

3 Community Gardening Projects in Vienna CrowdCity

Vienna: 3 Community Gardening Projects

How to reshape the city with ecological creativity

Traffic and the City CrowdCity

8 Strategies against growing Traffic

Do environmentally friendly solutions exist at all?

Will bankrupt Detroit become a Smarter City CrowdCity

Will Detroit become a Green City?

From ghost town to grow town

Dickson Despommier Vertical-Farming crowdcity

Dickson Despommier in Vienna

Get a live update on vertical farming

Most Liveable Cities SmartCity

EIU publishes City Liveability Ranking

Lifestyle challenges and analyses of 140 cities

Elevated Thinking CrowdCity

Co-Creation in NYC: The High Line

A documentary about the new open space project

Make your city greener Crowdcity

Make your City greener with Urban Farming

Case studies of agriculture moving to the cities

An advanced city is not a place where the poor move about in cars, rather it’s where even the rich use public transportation.

• Mayor Enrique Peñalosa •