Ville Propre Project

is a collaborative mobile application dedicated to the problems of waste in cities

Crowdcity - Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Multilayered architectural city storytelling

Crowdcity cheapest cities in europe to visit

Cheapest Cities in Europe to visit

Have a look at the European Backpacker Index

Crowdcity Haize

Haize – minimalist Urban Bike Navigation

Smart compass for urban cyclists

Crowdcity - CyclePhilly

Sharing Data to build better Cities

Track your bicycle trips and help city planners

Materia OMG Wien by Stefan Joham

Vienna Portraits – Why our City is the Way it is

Unique Art- and Storytelling Project

Connecting data, people and knowledge CrowdCity

Connecting data, people and knowledge

Discover tools for participation and self-empowerment

The Creative Transformation of Athens CrowdCity

The Creative Transformation of Athens

Rebuilding a city in crisis

Startups solving Urban Challenges CrowdCity Smart City

Startups solving Urban Challenges empowers small "urban tech" companies

Best cities for digital nomads crowdcity

Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Inspiration for city travelers

Benchmarking Innovation Policies in Cities CrowdCity

Benchmarking Innovation Policies in Cities

40 city governments evaluated

Rethinking Smart City from the Ground up CrowdCity

Rethinking Smart Cities from the Ground

The growing potential of collaborative technologies

Birches Growing In Decayed Books, from Detroit Disassembled

Images of Urban Abandonment


Is-Making-a Movement-crowdcity

Is “Making” a Movement?

Thoughts by Joseph Schodl

Customize your city CrowdCity

Customize Your City

Thoughts by Klaus Pilsl

Data and Reports on Urbanisation Crowdcity

Facts and Figures on Urbanization

Get estimates and projections of worldwide urban and rural populations

Startup Stock Photos

6 Apps to involve Citizens in Urban Issues

Cities are looking for new ways of community activism

Dickson Despommier Vertical-Farming crowdcity

Dickson Despommier in Vienna

Get a live update on vertical farming


With Robots to Enlightenment – Dave Smith at TEDx

Have you ever wanted to build a five-storey robot?

Amsterdam Smart City Crowdcity

Amsterdam: an Innovative Project for Better Living

15 projects in the field of sustainable working, living, mobility and the public space

An advanced city is not a place where the poor move about in cars, rather it’s where even the rich use public transportation.

• Mayor Enrique Peñalosa •

TED Jennifer Pahlka Crowdcity

ICT and decision making processes

How to use digital technologies to create a significant impact