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Discover Hidden Spots in Vienna

Justizpalast: splendid panoramic view for free

Viennale 2015 from 22 October to 5 November Crowdcity Fotocredit Robert Newald

International Film Festival Viennale 2015

Get the first outline of feature films, documentaries and special programs

Materia OMG Wien by Stefan Joham

Vienna Portraits – Why our City is the Way it is

Unique Art- and Storytelling Project

Best Cities for Coffee Enthusiasts CrowdCity

Best Cities for Coffee Enthusiasts

Hot spots with incredible good coffee


Wooden Skyscraper to be built in Vienna

Forget steel and concrete

Vienna Biennale 2015 CrowdCity

First Vienna Biennale 2015

June - October 2015

Smart City Vienna CrowdCity

Vienna’s Smart City Strength

Smart City related cooperation

3 Community Gardening Projects in Vienna CrowdCity

Vienna: 3 Community Gardening Projects

How to reshape the city with ecological creativity

Instead of further developing cars, we should think about how we can differently shape mobility in the future.

• H.P. Dürr •

Walkability Planning in Vienna

Walkability Planning in Vienna

3 events to get involved!

Dickson Despommier Vertical-Farming crowdcity

Dickson Despommier in Vienna

Get a live update on vertical farming

Startup Stock Photos

“Cross-generation” Flats in Vienna

The ÖJAB-Generationen-WG houses both senior citizens and young people

4 smart ways to use tablets crowdcity

Vienna: 4 smart Ways to use Tablets in the City

It’s a fact that tablets are on the fast lane

An advanced city is not a place where the poor move about in cars, rather it’s where even the rich use public transportation.

• Mayor Enrique Peñalosa •